You and your circuit board and what you do to secure it

If you have a circuit board in operation somewhere in your business or manufacturing environment then you should know by now that you need to secure it. You can indulge your business and manufacturing environment and give it circuit board protection with a patented process called static intercept. The main protection purpose behind this technology is protection your boards against corrosion and static. The technology used is safe.

It is non-toxic and always anti-corrosive. It is permanently anti-static. It does not contaminate the board and its surroundings and leaves no detectable deposits on the items it is designated to protect. The static intercept technology is also recyclable and thus environmentally friendly. Similar anti-corrosion techniques are used to prevent tarnish on metal jewelry. The static intercept technology is also used during the shipping and storage boards.

The focus here is on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Each compact piece of material prevents corrosion and stops static. This form of protection remains vital during the circuit board storage process. Size is considered and in one manufacturing case, there are three available sizes to accommodate a variety of storage capacity requirements. A typical storage facility will be one by one inch. This takes care of contained space of up to thirty cubic inches.

Forty five cubic inch protection space is accommodated with one and a half inch storage holders. Portable static intercept bags and films are also available to consumers for storing their own circuit boards and related equipment. Manufacturers of circuit boards will always be utilizing this patented protection method in order to protect them from damage during storage or transit. Circuit boards or not, it makes good business sense to secure your inventory of goods and tools at all times.