What To Buy in Bulk?

Did you know that it’s sometimes better to buy in bulk? We’ve all heard it, but some of us aren’t research-savvy enough to try and figure out exactly what and if the savings are significant enough to warrant using the extra space in your freezer. Today, we’re going to look at some of the best things to buy in bulk – here’s the list that you can check out for yourself.

Socks. If you buy one pair of  all weather socks, it’s like $2, but if I buy a 6 or 10 pack, the cost of one pair of socks goes down to a dollar or less. The only reason you should be buying one pair of socks is if you need special ones (like the thermal ones for working outside in the cold). Underwear and boxers are the same way; one pair could be $3 or $4, whereas a 3 pack is only $5 or $6. That’s like getting a free pair of underwear.

Cereal: Never get a small box of cereal if you can help it. The bigger the box, the less per ounce you’re paying. And if you go to a warehouse store like Sam’s or Costco, you can get multiple boxes. The little variety boxes that you can get aren’t really as good of a deal as they may look like they can be, unless you need the variety for a weekend trip with some Girl Scouts.

Diapers: If you have a baby, you’ll be using diapers. Now, it’s actually significantly cheaper to use cloth diapers, but if you’re not comfortable with that, then you should go to your local warehouse store to buy in bulk. You can save up to a dollar a diaper, which is significant savings when you use multiple ones a day!